INIZIATIVE FINANZIARIE & MANAGERIALIis a company specialised in business consultancy concerning the export trade finance

Active in the market since 1989 the timely and accurate services offered, constantly adjusting to the evolving needs of the Clients, and the competences gained by IF&M in different fields of finance have been assisting the economic growth - both SME and industrial Groups - supporting the development and the use of innovative financial instruments synergic to the expansion of the companies toward foreign countries and maximising all existing opportunities

Thanks to a solid network of well-established relations with major Italian and foreign Banking Groups IF&M proposes itself as a reliable and successful reference point aiming at determining the most convenient national and international banking partners who can represent the right answer to the companies’ demands and favour the access to the credit and monetization at the best terms and rates

IF&M’s advisory activity pertaining the domestic finance area is based on bespoke detailed research and provides a wide range of tailored services focused on assisting and enhancing the company’s development

The main purpose of our work is to enable our Clients to became or remain the very best in their particular industry while identifying opportunities for their growth and performance improvement

Acting areas:

IF&M's clients:

Italian exporting companies, both SME and industrial Groups, prevalently plants and machineries manufacturers and Italian Banks supporting the companies selling abroad.

IF&M’s partners:

IF&M cooperates closely with the comprehensive Italian banking system and major banking Groups active in the international markets.